Up and Coming Glass Balustrades

Up and Coming Glass Balustrades

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Despite their cumbersome name, balustrades are all around you. If you live in a two-story home, a balustrade is attached to your stairs. A balustrade surrounds the upper second floor of your local mall. When you step out onto a balcony, you are leaning against a balustrade. Balustrades serve as a safety measure in a variety of otherwise potentially very dangerous situations.

What is a Balustrade?

The name is of French origin. A balustrade usually goes by the simpler name of a railing. The railing can be on a flight of stairs, around a balcony, terrace, porch, pool, and other places, as well. A balustrade is made up of balusters. A baluster refers to the vertical post of the railing, and the balustrade refers to the railing in its completion. Balustrades are made of many different materials including glass, wood, iron, stone, and many other types of materials. They style of a balustrade depends on the style of the surrounding architecture that it is designed to match. The possibilities are unlimited. Glass balustrades are modern, sleek, and versatile in design, and they are increasing in popularity.

Glass Balustrades

A glass balustrade in Perth is just as the name implies, constructed of glass, increasing in popularity, and it possesses a sleek, modern vibe. One of the advantages of choosing this kind railing is that it is sophisticated, perfect for residential and commercial spaces, and it has a clear view of the surrounding area. This type of railing provides the least amount of obstruction.

As balustrades are a safety precaution first and aesthetic piece second, they are constructed of toughened safety glass and designed to withstand high-impact forces. Safety glass also has a higher resistance to heat, as compared to traditional glass. There are a couple of different options when it comes to choosing a glass balustrade. Frameless and semi-frameless are the two choices.

A frameless glass balustrade is exactly as the name implies. Seamless and free of framework, this option is the least intrusive option when choosing glass. On the other hand, a semi-frameless glass balustrade is still mainly comprised of glass, but it comes with a little to a moderate amount of framing, such as a top rail or hand-rail.

How to Obtain a Glass Balustrade

As with most projects, the option to install glass balustrades yourself is always available. However, there are full service companies who offer professional balustrade installation. As a part of their process, experts will visit the site and discuss the type of balustrade you need or desire, as well as the style and budget for the project. With their professional skills and knowledge, experts can advise on the best route to take based on the specific situation. Hassle-free professional installation is available once the style of balustrade has been selected.