Reinforcing nature

Reinforcing nature

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Are you looking to extend your drive way or parking lot, but at the same time worried about cost and how it will look? Well, fortunately for you I here to shed light on options that you may have not known were available to you. The cost of concreate and asphalt is pricey and time consuming and if you are adding to an already establish lot, it may disturb the aesthetic in a negative manner. If you also aim to keep natural beauty of your property intact, these traditional methods can be worry some. That’s why a company by the name of TRUEGRID has your interest in mind. Focusing on reducing cost and simply reinforcing nature through grass pavers, instead of covering up nature. Their products were built from the ground up, to work with nature, not inhibit it.

The inner workings

Starting from the beginning, TRUEGRID is focus on the environment. Purchasing the majority of their plastic from recycling centers, they mold the plastic into sheets of varying sizes. Each sheet resembles a grid system, made up of small bottomless cups, coupled together. This system allows water and other liquid to pass through, not only that, heat can be absorbed into the ground, unlike asphalt or concreate. The individual cups in the sheet are meant to house filler material, such as sand, dirt and gravel. But, since we are focusing on keeping nature intact. You fill the sheets with a habitable filler for grass, then overlay it with sod or plant seeds. After some time, the pavement will blend into the surrounding, while giving you a durable surface for you to use. If you need to park vehicles or store heavy equipment on the surface. You will be happy to know the surface itself can handle over six-thousand pounds of pressure per square inch.

Befits of this system over others

Excluding the benefits of its permeable features mentioned before. There are many other befits that you gain by utilizing this system. Starting off the price, is something that would make anyone look twice. For starters, it cost about one-half to as low as one-third the price of concreate or asphalt. That includes labor and materials. The maintenance is another way you save at the end of the day. Unlike more traditional pavers that cover up nature, it is not affected by the constant bombardment of the elements. Because of this unity between the grass paver and the environment, there is hardly any degradation to the sheets themselves. If for any reason you wish to replace a panel or take it out altogether, it is very simple to remove. One of the best features of this grass paver, is its lengthy life span. Starting off around twenty-five years, it can reach a life span of fifty plus. When it comes to overall expense, you will be hard press to find something better.

If you are looking to reinforce your lawn and keep its natural beauty. The folks at TRUEGRID have everything you could need to get the job done right and cheap