Best budget washing machines in India

Best budget washing machines in India

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Budget washing machine segment is flooded with a variety of washing machines. Most of the washing machines in this segment fall into the semi-automatic category. These are suitable for a family comprising of two to four members. The fully automatic machines are more expensive. If you want to know about all types of washing machines, go to Bijlibachao to know more. Meanwhile, we have listed the best washing machines in India suitable for the buyers who are looking for budget appliances.

Intex WMS62TL Top Load Semi-Automatic Machine (6.2 kg) (Rs 7,199)

Intex washing machine is a perfect choice for those who are looking for budget appliance packed with necessary features. The anti-rust body prevents any damage due to rust. Splashes of water won’t degrade the quality of the material. An RPM of 1320 is enough to wash heaviest clothes with ease. The washing machine is equipped with a washing tub and a spinning tub. The efficient mechanism ensures minimum consumption of electricity. The company offers 2 years warranty on the product.

MarQ by Flipkart MQSA65 Top Load Semi-Automatic Machine (6.5 kg) (Rs 6,999)

MarQ by Flipkart is on the path of becoming the best washing machine in India. An affordable price tag and convenience features make it unique in the budget washing machine segment. It comes with two preinstalled wash programs – normal wash and strong wash. Pre-soak feature aids in deep cleaning by softening, resulting in the removal of stubborn stains. The cloth rotations in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction at a speed of 9 RPM works well on the clothes. The extra air vents quickly remove water during the spinning process.

Midea MWMSA065A02 Top Load Semi-Automatic Machine (6.5 kg) (Rs 7,499)

Midea has taken the budget washing machine segment with a storm. The elegant and compact design of the machine looks stylish and occupies less space on the floor. The body is made from ABS material preventing any ill effects of rust and moisture. The Aqua Crest Pulsator works effectively to remove toughest of the stains. Forget lint problems as there is a lint filter to prevent any lint build-up. Presence of two wash programs facilitates easy handling of all type of fabric. An RPM of 1350 makes the spinning process faster and efficient.

Onida WS65WLPT1LR Top Load Washing Machine (6.5 kg) (Rs 5,490)

If you are really tight on budget, you should purchase Onida washing machine, the cheapest and the best washing machine in India. The only constraint is there is no drier present in this machine. You can only use it for washing purposes. The absence of a drier considerably reduces the size of this appliance. The rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and waterproof body is able to endure the most unfavorable situations as well. The 270 W motor rotating at an 800 RPM is enough to act on the dirty laundry. The 6.5 kg capacity is enough for a family of three or four members. The company offers a 7-year warranty on the product.

Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S Top Load Semi-Automatic Machine (7 kg) (Rs 9,699)

If you can increase your budget, we have the most suitable option for you – Whirlpool washing machine. Integrated with modern features, you will simply fall in love with this washing machine appliance. A 340 W motor drives the tub and spinner at 1450 RPM. The Smart Scrub Station takes care of scrubbing chores to remove stains. The Flow Back design manages water and detergent levels in the washing compartment. The Auto Restart feature initiates the process when the power resumes after a power cut. Besides these, there are other features that make the Whirlpool machine the best washing machine in India.

If you can increase your budget, you have plenty of options.